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Quarantined With Kids is a hub of curated (free) resources to help you to help your children - from tots to teens.

We'll find our way together.

There are lots of great ideas out there and many of you are overwhelmed with the options. I'm going to select and summarise a limited number of sites covering a wide range of ages and subjects and provide my own printable resources when I can. 

Check out the links in the menu. If you're feeling a bit lost in this new situation, try starting with the button below.

Welcome to quarantine folks!

Site of the day

I've decided to pause adding Site of the Day for the next few weeks as my Summer Holiday Calendar has lots of free ideas to keep everyone busy over the long break - with NEW suggestions every week! Check out the weekly calendars here and subscribe here if you'd like me to send you the calendar link out each week.

In the meantime do have a look back over the last four months of suggestions for useful and  fun websites to check out in the Site of the Day Archive.


If you're planning on going near water with your kids this summer - sea, lake, pond, pool - then take a look at the RNLI's Water Safe Resources with your kids before you go. There are lots of fun and engaging activities for children and young people aged 3-18 on their website to help everyone think about the potential dangers around water and make sure they play safely.  There might even be a few things that parents hadn't thought of! I'm a firm believer in teaching children to manage risks and this information, presented in an age-appropriate way, will help them do just that.


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