Active Play Ideas for 0-3(ish)

Babies develop fast into active and curious toddlers who are always looking for something new to get into! Entertaining them and helping them develop their skills doesn't have to be expensive or complicated and can be very rewarding as you see them grow. Although there's also no getting away from the fact it will be exhausting sometimes, especially at the moment. As my kids would say 'I feel ya'.

Yaz Phillips, a primary school teacher with a specialism in Early Years originally drew up some timetables for her 3 year old to keep him busy in lockdown. She kindly shared the charts and associated activities on social media and loads of people wanted to use them - so many that she's set up a website! They're all free and can be downloaded or printed. Not everyone is a teacher or wants to be too prescriptive so the idea is not that you follow them to the letter but they might help to give you ideas and a structure to your days if you'd like one.

This is a fabulous website with loads of great ideas for activities with young children. She also gives lots of good advice and you might like to read her blog too. This link is specifically to the activities for 1-2 year olds but I recommend you explore the rest of the site too!

A lovely small set of short activities from 0 to 3 years. All PDFs so you can easily print out if you like.

A great set of activity suggestions for energetic small people which don't involve expensive equipment or complex set up.