Activities for 6+

Children this age often have lots of different interests so I've tried to separate them into rough categories. This area is for things generally outside the scope of 'school' work, but of course there will be overlaps. If your child is particularly interested in something that might come under 'Schooling at Home', like history or geography then try under that tab too.

Look here for ideas to spark creativity, whether it's a sewing project, in the kitchen or just a good old fashioned pencil and paper. There are lots of things to entertain everyone...

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths This is where you'll find Lego challenges, science experiments, maths fun and engineering projects.

Don't forget to exercise! You can find everything from football skills yoga so I've selected some of the best.

It's hard when you can't get out and about so much but even looking at green wallpaper can actually make you happier! Ideas here for seeing live animals online, doing nature activities in your home (even without a garden) and if you can get out I'll post ideas for that too.

It's important to keep up your spirits, support your emotions and look after your mental health, especially at the moment. Here are some resources to help your kids with that.

This is a chance for kids (who don't already) to learn to help around the house. Doesn't matter what age they are there's something they can do so that you don't have to!

Big organisations which provide a range of activities across multiple areas.