The definition of magic is soap + water. There’s nothing quite like bubbles and they can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. Basically, all you need is a bubble mix and something to shape your bubbles.

Bubble Mix

There are basically 3 kinds of bubble mix that are fairly easy to make at home; ratios don’t have to be super-precise, experiment! (All bubble mixes are best after leaving for a day or two but don’t worry if you can’t wait 😊) The best washing up liquid is probably Fairy Liquid in the UK and Dawn in the US but most kinds will work.

  1. Basic for making regular bubbles, like from a pot: 1 part washing up liquid to 6 parts water. Stir gently, the foam you get is the enemy of bubbles although with little kids it’s almost unavoidable!

  2. Bouncing bubbles: you might not have the ingredients for this at home but glycerine is a cooking ingredient and can be found in larger supermarket and sometimes in pharmacies too. It reduces evaporation so the bubbles last longer - you can catch them with a wet hand or bounce them on a gloved hand, cotton works well. It’s not an exact science but try 250ml water, 50ml washing up liquid, and teaspoon of glycerine.

  3. Giant bubbles! 12 parts water, 1 part washing up liquid, 1 part cornflour and a shake of baking powder (about 1 tablespoon per litre but precision isn’t too important). You’ll need a big bubble wand for this, instructions below...

Bubble Wands

You can make bubble wands from all sorts of household items, or even use a wet hand with your index finger and thumb shaped into an ‘O’. To make a traditional wand shape try pipe cleaners or just wire - you might like to wrap the wire with string to hold the bubble mix.

For very small children who find it tricky to aim their breath at a small loop (or others who have trouble with fine motor skills) kitchen roll or toilet roll tubes are a great alternative. Just dip the end into the bubble mix and get them to blow through the other. They don’t last long as they get soggy eventually but you can get big bubbles out of them while they last.

For giant bubbles the best thing is a tri-string wand. They can be made quite simply and although they might take a bit of practice the results can get huge. I won’t reinvent the wheel with instructions for these, there’s a great explanation of how to make one here: https://rhubarbandwren.co.uk/giant-bubble-wand-tutorial/