Creative Cooking Challenges

4 creative cooking challenges with something for every age and ability. See what you and your family can do with these...

Picture Plates


How decorative can you make a lunch or dinner plate of food? Little ones can be given their food to arrange, older ones could select the ingredients for the meal and maybe even plate up interesting designs for the whole family. Stick to a simple face, or make a landscape, the only limit for this one is your imagination! 

Creative Cans

Image by Pedro da Silva

Lots of us are finding things in the back of the cupboard that we'd forgotten we had, that tin of spaghetti hoops that fell down the back or a tin of black beans that we were going to do something clever with, well now is your chance! What amazing creation can you make with a forgotten can of something? It might be the best meal you ever had!

Jekyll & Hyde


Find two ingredients that would never normally be put together - oranges and cheese, rice and peanut butter - and make a marvellous new creation. I expect it will be a new family favourite...

Terrific Toast 

Plain Toast

Who can make the most exciting piece of toast? Maybe it will be a delicious flavour, or a beautiful design or even a sculpture. My kid is thinking of building a model of Stonehenge and gluing it together with cheese spread...