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History, Geography & Languages

You might not be able to get out and visit our historic sites, but English Heritage are still here to help you discover the best stories from England’s past. There are videos, crafts, recipes and activities for adults and children to do.

A big organisation The Historical Association that has a great list of links for topics commonly studied at primary school here. I've listed it under activities because there are some lovely games & quizzes - I think history is a great hobby and hopefully there are children out there who agree!

Check out the Hands On History section - organise a medieval feast, make your own version of the Bayeaux Tapestry or do some cave painting...


Activities, articles and quizzes for kids. There's a nice clear article on the Coronavirus if you are looking for a way to explain the science of it to your children.

Quite tricky some of these; the children might know more than you do...

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A couple involved in the flailing travel industry decided to do something to help others in lockdown and have produced a really fantastic series of travel workbooks for children. There are currently ten, each focusing on a different country with 12-15 pages of info and activities. If you subscribe they'll send you a new one each week. You can currently visit:












Really well designed and completely free! What a generous offering; thanks Joram and Laura!

Study with British-Sign. "During this difficult time, as more of us are finding ourselves in self-isolation, we would like to provide the opportunity for you to use this time to learn British Sign Language.  Our 20hr course can be studied at your own pace and is a comprehensive introduction to BSL."
This is now not entirely free but is by donation and you get a certificate.

Super fun way to learn a new language on the website or on the app. All free and there are badges and rewards as you go to incentivise you to keep going.