Lockdown Scrapbooks

I’m sure you’ve heard of these and you might even have got around to making one already (. If (like me) you think it would be a lovely idea to record the details of this weird piece of history as it happens but just aren’t getting it together maybe half term is the time to finally go for it. I’ve made a page of links to free examples that I think look good but you might just want to go freestyle and design your own!


The generous Stephen McCarthy has doodled a fabulous Lockdown Diary for you to fill in. Currently 33 pages and with loads of ideas for what to record for posterity. This is not a scrapbook of the facts, more a diary of your personal experience to find in futures years and remind you of your quarantined self. The download is a free pdf but if you'd like to contribute a little thanks to Stephen there's a button on the page.

Estelle Morris has kindly allowed me to post her extensive mini-history style scrapbook of the time we're living through, with all the major announcements and advice to remind us of what we lived through when we look back.