Messy Play Ideas for 0-3(ish)

No doubt about it, you're going to get messy sometime with under 3s. Here are some ideas to help you and your little ones get creative with that inevitable destruction...

Mrs E's great Instagram account has a mixture of activities but most of theme are messy! Very simple equipment that most will have at home and minimal but easy to understand instructions.

Open ended messy and creative play activities can keep children entertained for AGES! Plus all the time they’re playing they’re learning, developing skills, working on language and communication, problem solving…so it’s educational too!

Written by a sensory teacher this is a great set of activities where everything is edible. Some activities are similar to other messy play suggestions but specifically geared to those with kids who just gotta eat EVERYTHING...

This great new website by teacher Yaz Phillips is full of free resources and has a special section for messy play including a shopping list of easy/cheap ingredients for sensory bins.


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