School at Home for 6-11 Year Olds

This section is specifically for school or homeschool type resources; but remember that children will learn a lot from other activities too. If you are doing 'school work' at home remember that the actual working time will a lot shorter than when they're at school. This is because a certain amount of school time is taken up with group working skills, social skills and personal development.

Some of these resources are regularly free and there are some homeschooling and other web businesses which have made their resources free for the next few months in order to help out.

General Education Websites

These website are big ones with lots of resources for a range of educational subjects.

Reading & Writing

Sources of books, reading activities, writing exercises, grammar and handwriting.

Maths, Science & Coding

Lots of people feel particularly uncomfortable helping their kids with these subjects but you don't need to. Use these links to

History, Geography & Languages

Connections here for exciting resources for travelling around the world or back in time!