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Tips for Homeworking

Whether you've worked at home before or have been thrust into it by recent circumstances, life is probably looking a lot different than it did a few days or weeks ago. Don't worry, there are plenty of others like you out there and parents ready and willing to share their wisdom.


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Article by Dr Pragya Agarwal

A sensible selection of 7 tips for managing your homeworking with kids around. This includes looking at where there is only one parent at home.

From website The Mother Load:

"Whether you’re new to working from home or not, having to work from home with children (and possibly partners) takes things to a whole new level…

I know many parents who are looking ahead at the coming weeks of ‘social distancing’ and thinking: How am I going to get anything done?

The restrictions due to Coronavirus are completely understandable but a lot of working parents have to keep working. Particularly, those who are freelance or self-employed who aren’t currently entitled to any income protection.

As somebody who has worked from home for over a decade and launched a magazine dedicated to the subject, there are a few things we can do to help ease the transition and yes, get some work done too!"