Children's mental health charity Place2Be has a great page of wellbeing activities. They have their own Art Room at Home activities which are designed by specialists to address specific aspects of mental wellbeing. Some of these are aimed at primary aged children but there's no age limit for and older children and teens will also enjoy the ideas here -there's even a specific activity for Y6-Y7 transition. Place2Be also provide a number of links to other resources from outside organisations offering wellbeing support with exercise, keeping active, nature activities, books, films, tv and quizzes.


Some much needed, really thoughtful and, importantly, fun(!) activities for mindfulness, reflection and outdoor investigation. Just my kind of thing as they are suitable for all ages, toddler to adult, and are designed to help to slow us down and reduce feelings of being overwhelmed in this difficult time - just what I'm trying to do here! There are great suggestions for couples, families and children.

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A popular yoga and mindfulness website for kids with lots of YouTube videos to bend along to. Support them by buying the app and have a handy tool for some fun yoga.


Ideas for keeping in communication with relatives during quarantine.

If you're not sure where to start with mindfulness for children and young people that are out there then this might be the list for you. A thoughtful summary of some of the most useful mindfulness apps for kids and teens by parenting expert Anita Cleare. Social distancing, quarantine, lockdowns etc. will have had an impact on everybody's wellbeing and you can help your young person to deal with their emotions, anxiety and stress by encouraging them to look after their mental health.